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To create is to be vulnerable.  At GATE KĪ, we support and encourage our creatives to express themselves through music and art.  From singer/songwriters to camera crews and everything in-between, we help communicate and facilitate and support goals and dreams within the music industry.




Don't know where to begin when it comes to booking live music?  We want to make that process easier for you.  Whether you are having a small gathering, wedding, corporate event, or thousands of guests at a concert, we can curate quality music for both public & private events.



GATE KĪ recognizes all aspects of the entertainment industry.  We are always ready to pitch an idea and carry it to the finish line to a fully planned and realized production. From the small to big screen, online web-series and beyond, let our Emmy-nominated team work with you to develop, execute and deliver a quality project.



Music that our artists release should be a reflection and interpretation of who they are, ever evolving, taking the listeners on a musical journey.  Delivering quality sound and an overall product from the studio to however and wherever you stream your music. 



GATE KĪ managed artists can expect complete support with bookings, day-to-day scheduling, music release planning, and personalized development.  Whether music is an after-hours passion or a lifelong dedication, we work to ensure an elevated, enjoyable and sustainable career.



Outside of live music performances, GATE KĪ provides opportunities to share recorded music through sync licensing and placements for film, movie, television, marketing and promotions.  We ensure the artist's work gets recognized and royalties are received.  

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